The number of teams per grade level will be determined by the skill level and number of players present during tryouts. The selection process for the teams will be conducted by independent evaluators. Per league requirements, players MUST reside in the Medina City School District to be eligible to compete with The MEDINA LADY BEES.


What is the Objective of the Medina Lady Bees youth travel basketball?

The goal of the Medina Lady Bees is to provide girls living in the Medina City Schools district an opportunity to compete in the game of basketball against travel teams from various school districts at a higher level than they otherwise would playing recreational basketball within the community.  We aim to foster competitiveness while also developing players who are serious about the game of basketball.

What basketball rules does the Medina Lady Bees use for the League and Tournament play?

Rules vary by league and tournaments that are entered. However, for the most part the Medina Lady Bees play by the rules by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

What are the requirements for uniforms?

Each player will be provided a uniform. Uniforms are the property of the Medina Lady Bees. Players will be responsible for the upkeep and return of the provided uniform at the end of the basketball season. If uniforms are damaged beyond repair or not returned, a charge will be issued for the missing or damaged product.

Are the Medina Lady Bees a grade level based organization?

Yes, teams will be entered into leagues and tournaments strictly on the basis of the grade in school for that school year. Any questions regarding grade level will be verified with the school listed by the various leagues and the tournaments that each of the Medina Lady Bees teams compete in.


Can a player be rostered on more than one team?

No, a player may only appear on one roster.

How many times do the Medina Lady Bees teams practice per week?

Practice time depends on gym availability and the amount of practices that the coach wants to have. Generally Medina Lady Bees teams practice 2 to 3 times per week. Practice is required. If there are instances where your athlete can not make a practice please inform your head coach.

How many games do the Medina Lady Bees teams play per week?

Depending on the league that your team is in, there could be 1 to 2 games per day usually on Saturday or Sunday.

How long is the Medina Lady Bees basketball season?

The Medina Lady Bees 4th through 6th grade teams compete in a fall league which typically starts in mid -October. The Medina Lady Bees 3rd grade teams typically start games in mid –December with practices starting late October or early November. The season for all teams commences in early March. 


What does the$250 Medina Lady Bees Fee cover?

The $250 paid to the Medina Lady Bees covers practice facilities, equipment, league fees, ref fees, two tournaments, uniforms, website, and insurances.

Can a player in 2nd grade tryout for the Medina Lady Bees?

The Medina Lady Bees Basketball program starts in 3rd grade however 2nd graders are encouraged to tryout. There have been many 2nd graders on 3rd grade Medina Lady Bees teams based on skill level.

Can a player play up a grade level on a Medina Lady Bees basketball team?

Besides second graders, unless your athlete is clearly the best player in the pool of players a grade ahead of her, it is encouraged that you have your player play in the grade that she is currently in. This will be a joint decision between the coaches in the grade levels that are being considered.

Please contact Medina Lady Bees Coaches and Directors on any other questions you may have -